Steven Tyler and J.Lo Leave American Idol: New Videos: Serj Tankian, Taylor Swift with B.O.B., new Aersomith, Jennifer Lopez covers Venus

DAILY MUSIC TRIVIA:  Who “inspired” Taylor Swift’s “Back To December”?  Yesterday:  JD Fortune


Video of the year?   Serj, while taking a break from his band System Of A Down, is releasing a new CD, Harikari.  The video for the title track is powerful with the emphatic introduction “The human race will die of civilization”.   Pollution levels are reaching epidemic levels.  Loved the inclusion of the American Indian from the 70’s ads and the facts about radiation and water bottles.  Serj has always been a strong advocate for his political views including Animal Rights, slaughterhouses, and now, this IMPORTANT video about preserving our planet.


Odd crossover pairing, Bobby Ray (B.O.B.) teams with country music sweetheart, Taylor Swift for his new single.   The intro featuring Taylor’s sweet comforting voice before B.O.B. adds his hip hop beats and a rap. The theme of the song is that the simple things in life really make us the happiest.  I like the positive message and Taylor’s inclusion is the real selling point to me.  The song will definitely cross over to multiple music charts with the pairing of these two mega popular artists.   


For the past two weeks, rumors have swirled that Jennifer Lopez is leaving American Idol.   But just before she made that decision, Steven Tyler announced he’s leaving to commit to his band.  He said he needs to leave his mistress, American Idol, before he finds a boiled rabbit in his kitchen.  🙂   The new Aerosmith video is well made (long intro before the song starts) but unfortunately the song isn’t as strong as I’d like.  Hoping for some harder rock songs when they release their new CD.


“Goddess is one part inner beauty, one party outer beauty, and one part 5 inch heels” – Jennifer Lopez.   Venus Razors have teamed up with Miss Lopez for the Get Your Goddess Showing campaign to empower women and provide scholarship opportunities.   Jennifer covers the hit dance song first performed by Shocking Blue in the 60’s and Bananarama in the 80’s.   The video highlights Jennifer Lopez’s amazing dancer’s legs and everyone knows the song, should be a big club hit!