Stone Sour Covers KISS, Sabbath, and Metallica

stonesour-meanwhileinburbank-coverep2015Each night on their 2015 U.S. Tour, Stone Sour has added a different cover song to the setlist.   Corey Taylor said playing cover songs gives you “a chance to walk in the footsteps of your heroes….you can relax and just remember why you became a music fan in the first place.”    In May for the annual Record Store Day promotion, Stone Sour released the first of THREE scheduled EP’s of cover songs.    “Meanwhile In Burbank” included  Love Gun (KISS), Creeping Death (Metallica), We Die Young (Alice In Chains), Heading Out To The Highway (Judas Priest), and Children of The Grave (Black Sabbath). Not a weak song in the collection but hearing Corey channel Rob Halford is the EP’s highlight.

“HEADING OUT ON THE HIGHWAY” Stone Sour (Judas Priest cover)

“CREEPING DEATH” Stone Sour (Metallica cover)

KISS_Love_Gun_StonesourCorey’s band, Slipknot, is currently out on tour so the next two EP’s are on the back burner until things settle down, but we have learned the EP’s will be titled “Straight Out Of Burbank” and “No Sleep ‘Til Burbank” paying tribute to N.W.A. and the Beastie Boys.   Look for Stone Sour to cover Van Halen, Motley Crue, the Violent Femmes, legendary punk rockers Bad Brains, and Rage Against The Machine on the upcoming albums.

“LOVE GUN” Stone Sour (KISS cover)