Stone Sour LP “Hydrograd” Sneak Preview

To most fans, Stone Sour is considered the side project band for Slipknot lead singer, Corey Taylor.   But did you know Stone Sour was actually formed first in 1992 and released some demo albums even before Corey joined Slipknot.   Stone Sour’s official demo album came out in 2002 and they’re set to release their much-anticipated sixth LP, Hydrograd, on June 30th.   The first two lead singles, “Fabuless” and “Song #3” have exploded online and live up to Corey’s promise the album would “flat out rock and roll in its best form”. “Fabuless” will remind Corey’s fans of his work with Slipknot and “Song #3” is an instant classic with Corey’s powerful voice keeping pace with a energetic drum beat and a killer guitar riff. Look out for the punk rock inspired opening track, YSIF, an acronym for “you suck in full”.    The full track listing :

“SONG #3”  – Stone Sour

  1. YSIF
  2. Taipan Person/Allah Tea
  3. Knievel Has Landed
  4. Hydrograd
  5. Song #3
  6. Fabuless
  7. The Witness Trees
  8. Rose Red Violent Blue
  9. Thanks God It’s Over
  10. St. Marie
  11. Mercy
  12. Whiplash Pants
  13. Friday Knights
  14. Somebody Stole My Eyes
  15. When The Fever Broke

If you’re wondering what in the hell is a hydrograd, you’re not alone!   Corey revealed it’s not even in our English dictionary.  While at an airport in Eastern Europe he was trying to read the flight schedule quickly and couldn’t make out the font correctly on the digital display with the old fashioned 80s Timex watch font .   He thought it said “hydrograd”, but it turns out it wasn’t even close to the right name!   The band thought it was just a cool name that grabs your attention and sticks in your head.    Look for many of the new songs to be featured on their summer tour with Korn.

“FABULESS” – Stone Sour