Stormy Relationship Drama In Luke Combs’ “Hurricane”

Imagine this story, you’re working a crappy job in the boondocks and playing cover tunes in a dive bar.   You turn 24 and decide it’s time to make a move and head to Nashville to become the next Kenny Chesney.  You’re punching potential song titles into your cell phone and type in “Hurricane”.  Before you know it, it’s the title of the first song you’ve written in your new city of the dreams and possibly the “golden ticket” to a career in the music industry..   Luke Combs took a chance and left North Carolina to pursue his passion singing country music.   The burly singer looks a little rough around the edges and his beat up baseball cap and scruffy beard doesn’t conjure up images of today’s image-obsessed music stars.  If Chris Stapleton is bringing back Outlaw Country, Luke’s riding in the back seat. You can’t deny Luke’s drive and his rock meets country single “Hurricane” is the most exciting new single on the country charts.  The play on words between a raging ocean storm and a woman hellbent on breaking your heart is beautifully captured in a sexy music video that merges live footage of Combs with a seductive rain-drenched love story.   Look for his debut album, “This One’s For You” coming out in the late summer.

“HURRICANE”  – Luke Combs