StryperCrossDuring the 80’s glam rock hair metal era, bands looked so similar and even their names sounded alike: Great White, White Lion, Whitenake…… Could you really tell the difference between Britny Fox, Bullet Boys, Kix, and Lynch Mob if you saw them walking down the street? Yet, one band clearly stood apart from the crowd: Stryper.



stryper80They were the most overtly Christian rock glam band of the era. Their signature yellow and black striped outfits, lead singer Michael Sweet’s high octave voice, and their dual guitar solos were unique. During live shows, the band would throw Bibles with Stryper logo’s into the crowd. Their style rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way, but there is no denying Stryper’s success as the first Christian rock band to sell 2 million records and become a staple on MTV.



stryper-no-more-hell-to-payLike many of the hair metal bands, Stryper’s path is very similar. Their biggest radio hit was their power ballad, “Honestly”. By the early 90’s, creative differences and changing musical trends resulted in Stryper’s demise. Michael Sweet went solo and the band took a break. Sporatic reunions in ’99, ’05, ’09 but the band remained just an 80’s memory for most. Well, they’re back with a new album, “No More Hell To Pay”, release date November 5th in the U.S.   Frontman/guitarist Michael Sweet is back and stronger than ever in Stryper’s first music video in 20 years featuring some of their heaviest material ever.