Sugarland Reunites – “Still The Same”

Jennifer Nettles has been busy the past six years. She released two solo albums, “That Girl” and “Playing With Fire” and even did some acting gigs on Broadway and TV. But there is something special when she teams up with Kristian Bush and Sugarland takes the stage. One of the most infectious country/pop duos, Sugarland’s appeal reaches such a wide audience and Jennifer’s voice mixes country, rock, soul, pop, and standards like no other. After pursuing solo interests, the reunion is in full swing with a new album on the way and they’ll be joining Ryan Seacrest on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve Special on ABC next week.


They’re back for their first single since 2011, “Still The Same”. No, it’s not the Bob Seger classic but it is a feel-good blast of nostalgia that instantly reminds us why we missed Sugarland! The music video keeps that theme going by splicing in snippets from their heyday, “Just Might Make Me Believe”, “Baby Girl”, and “Something More”. Who can resist their chemistry together on stage and in the studio, it’s a welcome return for Sugarland and if the lead single is any indication, expect a big 2018 from the band!