SURPRISE! Eddie Murphy’s New Reggae Single

SnoopLionEddieMurphyWhen you think of Eddie Murphy, you remember one of the funniest comedians of the 80’s, a true box office hero of the decade. But Eddie always maintained his love of music and his secret wish to be a rock star. Even back in his glorious Saturday Night Live days, Eddie Murphy was parodying James Brown and Stevie Wonder. Backing vocals on songs by the Bus Boys (48 Hrs), his iconic 80’s hit “Party All The Time” with Rick James, and he even recorded a little known duet with Michael Jackson called Whatzupwitu”. Who can forget his songs (I’m A Believer and Living La Vida Loca) as Donkey in the Shrek movies. Add in his Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated performance as R&B singer, James “Thunder” Early in Dreamgirls, and you’ve got a legacy of music from Eddie.

shrek-third-006Now, we’re in 2013 and Eddie’s got the music bug again! This time, he’s performing reggae with a full band and guest vocals by Snoop Dogg, oops, Snoop Lion now! If you’re not distracted by his hoodie and actually give the song a chance, you’ll be shocked by Eddie’s smooth Island-tinged flow. The hip hop flavored song will be featured on an upcoming full album and if the rest of the tracks compare to “Red Light”, Eddie may finally meet his rock star dreams!