Surprises On The 2017 Vans Warped Tour

Summer is just around the corner and that means The Warped Tour is back for their 23rd edition of the landmark punk rock event.  The tour begins May 27 in Toluca, Mexico and hits the United States beginning June 11th in Seattle, Washington.   They’ve packed in 41 shows in just two months as the U.S. tour ends on Aug. 6 in Pomona, California.  Over the past two decades, the Warped Tour has transformed from a Punk Rock festival into an event showcasing so many more genres.  In addition to Punk, this year’s lineup is heavier than usual with Metal and Hardcore bands on the lineup as well as Ska, Indie Rock, Alternative, Pop and whatever category you want to place GWAR.

“IN BETWEEN” – Beartooth

The  Vans Warped Tour ’17 boasts seven stages, each named for a sponsor.  In addition, the tour will also have discussion “workshops” on a variety of subjects including music lessons for tour guests.  Tickets for the Vans Warped Tour ’17 (view tickets here) [ <–] are available here.   Lineups vary by location so keep posted at for your city’s configuration.

“BOYS OF SUMMER” – The Ataris

So who’s the “must-see” bands on the Warped Tour ’17?   This year, some surprising classic acts have signed on for the summer celebration.  Let’s take a closer look and a Top 5 countdown of the craziest band names on this year’s lineup!


5.  Big D And The Kids Table

4.  Sarah And The Safe Word

3.  Trophy Eyes

2.  Playboy Manbaby

  1.  Stacked Like Pancakes


CURRENT FAVORITES:   I Prevail, Memphis May Fire, Beartooth, Attila, Andy Black, Fit For A King, Never Shout Never

OLD SCHOOL & PUNK:    The Adolescents, The Alarm, Anti-Flag,  and The Dickies

90’s THROWBACK:  The Ataris, Goldfinger, Save Ferris, CKY, Bowling For Soup

HARD AND HEAVY:   Hatebreed, GWAR, Silverstein, Alestorm, Emmure, Blessthefall


“DEAD AIR” – Blessthefall