Taylor Swift Can Do No Wrong

“BLANK SPACE” Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift 1989 Blank Space“Oh my God, look at that face, you look like my next mistake”. Taylor Swift can do no wrong lately. Her first pop CD, 1989, went straight to #1 and it’s not going anywhere for awhile. Multiple music magazines have given 1989 rave reviews. Taylor’s upcoming tour is selling out nationwide at a record pace.   Her big production performance at the American Music Awards this Sunday stole the show.  Taylor has earned major respect in the press by pulling all of her music from Spotify this month to publicize the way artists are being paid for their talents. This controversial move is not the way today’s go with the flow industry works. But Taylor is in a position to make a statement here and hopefully it benefits new artists who are struggling to make a living from their music. Her 2nd single on the new single “Blank Space” is a delicious pop record to compliment “Shake It Off” at the top of the charts.

“UNPACK YOUR HEART”   Phillip Phillips


Phillip Phillips Unpack Your HeartPhillip Phillips is best known as the guy with the Dave Matthews voice who won the 11th season of American Idol.    The 24 yr old singer has an upbeat singer/songwriter style and the positive affirmations in his music makes Phillip an easy likeable artist that doesn’t necessarily wow you.  But if you’re looking for some feel-good music that goes down easy, Phillip’s music is a great alternative to the dregs dominated the radio today.   His 2nd CD, “Behind The Light” was released with little fanfare in May 2014.    His latest single from the album is “Unpack Your Heart”.    If you’re a fan of “Gone, Gone, Gone”, you’ll love the familiar chorus and refrain.