That’s Justin Bieber? Really??: Justin Bieber ,Lupe Fiasco (with Mike Shinoda),Kool & The Gang


Really?   This is Justin Bieber?  Ok, I’ll never admit to having Bieber fever but I found myself  tricked into liking his new song!   It sounds like a lost Usher track mixed with an Outkast bassline.  The guitar used on the chorus mixed with the club ready beat is HOT!    Justin’s voice sure has matured since “Baby”.

“NEVER LIES”  LUPE FIASCO Ft. Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park)

Linkin Park’s greatest skill is the ability to combine Chester’s hard rock screams with the hip hop mentality of Mike Shinoda.   Critically acclaimed rapper, Lupe Fiasco, teams up with Mike for a lyrical treasure that would sound perfect on Mike’s Fort Minor side project.    The video highlights Cristiano Ronaldo, which makes no sense, but there is some great soccer to watch while you’re bopping your head.


Van Halen just came through Tampa for their big tour featuring David Lee Roth.   Who would they have open for them?  A classic 80’s band?   New rockers that idolized Eddie?   Nope, Kool & The Gang is the opening act.   “Jungle Fever”, “Ladies Night”, “Celebration”….. crazy pairing!  “Bad Woman” is an exceptional slow jam from the mid-80’s, this is James Taylor at his most soulful.