The Controversy With Kid Rock’s Most Famous Duet

“PICTURE”   Kid Rock (with Sheryl Crow)

sheryl-crow kid rockKid Rock literally hit the airwaves with a bang.    Bawitdaba and Cowboy were in-your-face explosive rockers that pushed the Detroit DJ to the mainstream.  For his third single, Kid Rock slowed things down with a ballad that became his biggest selling hit to date.   “Picture” is a sensitive duet where both sides share their memories of their ill-fated relationship after looking at each other in photographs.  The song was originally recorded with Sheryl Crow and a music video was shot starring Kid and Sheryl.   This is where the story takes a twist……..


kid rock pictureDespite “Picture”s huge commercial appeal, Sheryl’s music label, A&M Records didn’t authorize the song for being a single.  Perhaps it was due to the drug reference in the lyrics or possibly in conflict with Sheryl’s solo work, but Kid Rock’s label needed a Plan B.   A second version was recorded with country artist, Alison Moorer.   Country radio jumped on the hit!   But despite Sheryl’s label resistance, radio programmers preferred Sheryl’s version and played it.  “Picture” became a Billboard smash and Kid Rock’s first (and biggest) hit on Modern Rock and Pop radio.


kid-rock42To add to the controversy, the song was recorded live with Gretchen Wilson and her version was used on Kid Rock’s live CD, Double Trucker.  It may be the ultimate version of the record!   “Picture” has become Kid Rock’s vehicle to sing duets with some of the biggest up and coming female artists of the day.   Duet partners include Leann Rimes, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, and even Kelly Pickler and Jessie James.


“PICTURE”   (Sheryl Crow)

“PICTURE”   (Gretchen Wilson)