The Jacksons “Victory”: Dysfunctional Family Reunion

jacksons bodyIn 1983, Michael Jackson ruled the world.   Copies of Thriller were literally flying off the shelves, his red jacket, the amazing videos, Bubbles the monkey, and Michael-mania was everywhere.   For the historic Motown 25 reunion show, the Jackson family got back together and performed an incredible medley of Jackson Five hits. Then Michael shocked the world debuting his legendary moonwalk during a live performance of Billie Jean.   This successful reunion led to The Jacksons returning to the studio for a new album together.   “Victory” was Jermaine’s first record back with Motown in nine years and their first collaboration in years.  Expectations were at an all-time high!





Jacksons-victoryInstead of mending fences and working together on the reunion album, tensions were high between the Jackson brothers. Jealousy? Old family squabbles? Expectations too high? Rather than collaborate, “Victory” became a series of solo singles. “State of Shock” was hardly a Jackson reunion track, it was a duet between Michael and Mick Jagger (although the original version was recorded with Queen’s Freddie Mercury).    The two videos, “Torture” and “Body” were sung by Jermaine and Marlon respectfully and Michael didn’t even appear in either video.   Each brother sang a solo song or two on “Victory”.  Surprisingly, Michael and Jermaine were barely included on the record.   The album was supported by an incredible worldwide tour that set international box office records, but “Victory” never approached Michael’s solo sales numbers.

“STATE OF SHOCK” Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger

“BODY”    The Jacksons