THE JAM: 18 Top 40 Hits and 4 #1 Singles in the U.K.

The-Jam-BandDuring the British Invasion of New Wave bands in the early 80’s, you had the Mod Revival movement.   These were bands that emulated The Who and The Kinks but mixed their punk with synthesizers and beat music.  One of the most successful U.K. bands was The Jam.  Their hit, “That’s Entertainment” is considered the #1 import single in U.K. history.   What made The Jam stand out was their signature tailored suit look and their ability to combine 60’s soul, 70’s punk, and 80’s new wave.


The+JamDuring The Jam’s short career, they had 18 Top 10 hits.  Lead singer, Paul Weller, went on to form Style Council in the mid to late 80’s.  Paul continued with a critically acclaimed solo career in the years to follow.    He’s been nicknamed “The Modfather” and a vital link between the music of the 60’s to the current English pop music explosion.