THE LOST EAGLE: Randy Meisner’s History


eaglesLinda Ronstadt’s backing band in her early days featured unknown musicians, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, and Bernie Leadon.   Before long they broke out into the spotlight and formed The Eagles.   Glenn and Don received the majority of the spotlight along with Joe Walsh in the later years.  But Randy Meisner was a major force in the band.   He was their bassist, shared in songwriting, and sang backup and also lead vocals on some of the most cherished Eagles songs including Take It To The Limit, which he wrote.    He left the band citing exhaustion and spending too much time away from his family.  To many fans, Randy was the heart and soul of the band, one of the true originals.



poco legacyBefore Randy’s days with The Eagles, he co-founded one of the seminal country rock bands.  Richie Furay from Buffalo Springfield, Jim Messina (later a duet partner of Kenny Loggins), Rusty Young, and Meisner formed Poco back in 1969. Their mesh of traditional country with the California rock sound was a new sound generating a lot of interest.  Randy didn’t stick with the band during their 70’s heyday but at the urging of Richard Marx, the band reunited in 1989 for a one time reunion CD called Legacy.  The album produced one Top 10 single, Call It Love, featuring Meisner’s bass and backing vocals on the chorus. Incidentally, Timothy B Schmit replaced Randy in Poco and also in The Eagles, fun music trivia fact!


meisnerAfter leaving The Eagles, Randy went on to record three fairly successful solo albums from 1978 to 1982.  His Southern rock style, songwriting, and that familiar Eagles sound produced three highly underrated albums for collectors to check out.  The second album featured a duet with Kim Carnes (Deep Inside My Heart) and the third album featured a duet with Ann Wilson of Heart (Strangers).   Since then, Randy has done studio work for other artists and joined the Eagles for their reunion tour and was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1998.