The Return of Britney Spears, Free Music from Rev Theory, and Big Boi with Kelly Rowland


Ten Million YouTube views in 4 days, a prominent video debut on Fox’s X-Factor, and a hot new commercial for Beats By Dre (also featuring Lil Wayne), Britney’s back with a full marketing campaign for her new single. The song is headed straight to #1 and will be the theme song for many spin classes and dance clubs for the next few months. Will.I.Am’s typical quirky vibe intros the song and dominates the track. But the highlight is the Eurodance beats, Britney’s British Accent (took much time hanging out with Madonna?), and the unforgettable “It’s Britney, Bitch” hook in the chorus. Ms Spears has definitely changed her look in the video, almost looking like a wax figure of Britney, a very subdued version of the Princess of Pop.


“I’m tired of waiting for something new”…..well, wait no more. Just in time for the holidays, Rev Theory teases their fans with a new special edition EP called “Take Em Out”. The title track, Adrenalize, and Undefeated are a return to hard rock attitude. The EP’s single, Something New, is a little more metal than previous releases and features adult lyrics. You’ll be headbanging along with the chorus before the song ends. Rev Theory is offering the single for FREE at the following link:


We are so overdue for a new Outkast CD. Until then, Big Boi and Andre 3000 are releasing solo projects that shine but remind us of how much powerful their work is when they’re teamed up together in Outkast.  Big Boi’s new CD, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, drops on December 11th. The lead single adds ex-Destiny Child #2 star, Kelly Rowland, and a bright and shiny new animated video. Big Boi’s chillin’ on a throne, trading verses with Kelly, while retro 1999-styled Prince beats (D.M.S.R. sample?) carry the song. Somehow it all works together and is the perfect addition to an iTunes driving playlist.