The Return Of Justin Timberlake: New Music Tuesday with Jay-Z, 3 Doors Down, Stereophonics


JTandjayzAfter an extended break from music, we get a surprise new single from Justin Timberlake.    “Suit and Tie” is not only the first new Timberlake song in years, Jay-Z makes a return to the pop charts with his guest appearance on the track.   The first 45 seconds of the song are an introduction (check out Justin’s statement in the video) but then the real track begins.    A smooth R&B club banger reminiscent of Robin Thicke. Love the horns and Jay’s verses midway set the single apart from JT’s earlier sound.


3-Doors-Down-The-Greatest-HitsI was expecting another power ballad for the next single but 3 Doors Down come back hard on “One Light”. A down and dirty rocker with a message of unity and change. Given this week is the second Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, the theme of coming together as “one light to shine” couldn’t be more timely. An election which divided the nation, religious factions in disagreement, and power struggles between the rich and middle class, 3 Doors Down spreads the message that we’re stronger when unified.


stereophonicsWhat a difference between the success of the Stereophonics in the U.S. compared to their home in England.  In the States, the Stereophonics are an alternative rock band that few can could name three of their songs by this 20 year old band.  In the U.K. they’ve scored FIVE #1 albums. They’re set to release their eighth CD, Graffiti On The Train, in March and the band has just released a promotional music video for Indian Summer. Kerr Logan from the TV show, Game Of Thrones, guest stars in the video.