The Return Of The Power Ballad: Metalcore Edition

In This Moment Maria BrinkWhen 80’s Glam Rock had saturated the male-driven metal market, bands and their labels started appealing to female fans with the “Power Ballad”. Songs like “Home Sweet Home”, “Still Loving You”, and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” started dominating MTV’s Daily Countdown. Those emotional love songs slowed things down and fans started waving their lighters at the concerts again. The epic power ballad has really never gone away, but there’s been a resurgence lately. It’s shocking when you hear some of the hardest Metalcore (aka Scream-O) bands slowing things down and recording a softer more mature song. Die-hard either hate the change or absolutely LOVE it, but you can’t deny it actually opens up the band to a much broader audience. Here’s a trio of recent power ballads from Metalcore bands you may have missed:

“I’M MOVING ON” Asking Alexandria 2014

“WORLD IN FLAMES” In This Moment

“SKIN & BONES” Fit For A King