The Rolling Stones Dilemma: Was She Hot or Cold?

she was hotBack in 1980, Mick Jagger described himself as a “burning volcano ready to blow” but alas…the woman just wasn’t interested. Then three years later, Mick found an aggressive seductress who wanted to pin him to the ground and rip his clothes off.  Paired together “She’s So Cold” and “She Was Hot” would have made the perfect 45 record back in the day.   Coming on back to back albums by the Rolling Stones, each song featured different elements in the iconic rockers.  “She Was Hot” is a down and dirty blues gem with a sexy attitude and “She’s So Cold” demonstrated the band’s ability to experiment with new styles and sounds twenty years after they first debuted in London.

“She Was Hot” was released in 1983 on their Undercover Of The Night album. The steamy 80’s video actually had to be edited for MTV for being “too hot for TV”.    The vintage clip starred actress Anita Morris in a skin tight red dress seductively, and comically, enticing each of the members of the band.  Anita is best known for roles on Broadway and a starring role in the 80’s comedy classic, Ruthless People, with Danny DeVito and Bette Midler.


Just three years earlier, the Rolling Stones took things in the completely opposite direction as they sang about a woman who had no interest in :getting busy: with the band.  “She’s So Cold” appeared on their Emotional Rescue album.  Ironically both songs were released as the second single from their respective albums.  While neither “Hot” nor “Cold” became Top 20 hits, they’re always fan favorites when played live on tour.