The Scorpions: “Return To Forever” CD Review

Scorpions_1965Fifty years!   That’s how long The Scorpions have been around.   Their first album didn’t come until 1972 but their actual start was in 1965.   The German heavy metal dinosaurs have already completed a couple farewell tours but hey, why not one more for the anniversary!    Klaus Meine’s unmistakeable vocals and the dueling guitar riffs of Rudolph Schenker and Matthias Jabs still pack a punch this late in the game.   It’s been five years since their “farewell” CD – “Sting In the Tail” – the band saved up a little venom for their new collection entitled “Return To Forever”.   How is the new CD?

BALLADS:   If you’re a fan of the huge lighters-in-the-air power ballads, get ready for two new tracks that live up to “Winds Of Change” and “Still Loving You” –  the CD’s best song is a beautiful ode to life on the road  called “Gypsy Road”, enhanced by some intricate guitar riffs.    “House of Cards” is equally effective at tugging at your heartstrings.

The Scorpions We Built This HouseROCKERS:   The lead single “We Built This House”, the opening track “Going Out With A Bang”, and “Hard Rockin’ The Place” all recapture the high energy of their glory days in the mid 80’s.  The Scorpions channel the blues shuffle of their 80’s peers, Cinderella, with the ridiculously fun party anthem, “The Scratch”.   I highly recommend picking up the Deluxe Edition which includes two of the best songs on the CD, the thought-provoking nostalgia of  “The World We Used To Know” and a sped-up rocker called “Dancing With The Moonlight” guaranteed to kickstart your day!

scorpions-to-launch-50th-anniversary-world-tourOverall, “Return To Forever” is a fitting send-off for one of the ultimate heavy metal bands in music history.  There are some missteps (“Rock My Car” is a little too predictable and cliched) but overall, the new CD adds to the band’s illustrious legacy.  They have embarked on an European farewell tour and hopefully some more U.S. concert dates are on the horizon.