The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Movie Review: Kristin Wiig Sings Bowie

To See The Word – To Draw Closer – To Find Each Other


shark-attack-clip-from-the-secret-life-of-walter-mittyDo you ever get lost in a daydream?    It becomes so real in your head that when you bounce back to reality, you wonder if it really happened.   Walter Mitty, as played by Ben Stiller (who also directed the film), is the ultimate dreamer.   His reclusive, shy life has been uneventful.   He secretly pines for a new co-worker as played by Kristin Wiig.   After noticing her profile on eHarmony, he awkwardly strikes up the courage to ask her out.   What follows is an incredible adventure that takes Walter on a global adventure to find a missing photograph for the last cover of Life Magazine.    The movie is heroic, creative, and offers a life-affirming message that will warm the heart of any film viewer.    Sean Penn, Adam Scott, and Shirley MacLaine highlight the cast for this family friendly film.   Get lost in the romance and see some of the most beautiful camera work in a film this year.

FUN:   9 out of 10     MOVIE GRADE:   8.5 out of 10

“SPACE ODDITY”   (Kristin Wiig joins Davie Bowie in a key movie scene)

“STEP OUT” JOSE GONZALEZ (Mini-Trailer set to the song)