THE WAY I FEEL TONIGHT: Kid Rock, 12 Stones, Jet


Kid_RockIn 2008, Kid Rock released Warrior, a song dedicated to the National Guard. The song was a reworking of “Jackson, Mississippi” from his 2003 Kid Rock album. The power of addiction and the toll it takes on a relationship is the meaning behind lines like “I could say I’m trying to change but that would be just another lie” and “a river running through my veins”. Kid Rock rips into the chorus and it’s one of the best max volume rockers in his career. The song was released as a dual single with the exceptional power ballad, Cold And Empty.


12stonesHere’s one of those great songs with multiple meanings for each listener. Some think the band is singing about God and how they’ve messed up their lives so many times but need His help to survive. Others interpret lines like “You’ve given me so many things that I’ve never had, And all in all I know it’s you that always pulls me through, If you reach deep inside you’ll see my heart is true” as a profession of commitment of love. What is 100% clear is Paul McCoy’s vocals are intense, emotional, and one of the best songs the New Orleans band has ever recorded.


Jet-Cold-Hard-BitchIf you had to guess what country this band was from, the AC/DC inspired track “Cold Hard Bitch” should give you a big clue! Jet is an Australian rock group that dominated rock radio in 2003 with their unforgettable smash, Are You Gonna Be My Girl? Sales of their album, Get Born, skyrocketed after being asked to open for the Rolling Stones on the Australian leg of their tour. Cold Hard Bitch was the fourth single and the second #1 on the CD.