The Who’s 2003 Comeback Single

RB1002_WHOFrom their legendary work in the 60’s (My Generation, Woodstock, Magic Bus), to the 70’s (Baba O’Reilly, Tommy, Quadrophenia, Who Are You), and even the 80’s (You Better You Bet, Emminence Front, It’s Hard), The Who remain one of the greatest rock and roll bands in music history. Despite two prominent deaths and the infamous inner-band turmoil between Townshend and Daltrey, their catalog of hits is unbelievable. In the 80’s, they reunited for Live Aid and in 1988 got back together for the Brit Awards when they received their Lifetime Achievement Award. But for fifteen years, The Who basically disappeared from the spotlight.

the who then and nowIn 2001, The Who joined the roster of bands for the 9/11 Concert For New York. Fans speculated about a full-blown reunion then tragedy struck again. Bassist John Entwistle died of a heart attack at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas in 2002. His death got Pete and Roger talking and their friendship reignited. They agreed to release two new songs for their Then And Now compilation CD. “Old Red Wine” (a tribute to Entwistle) and “Real Good Looking Boy” captured the energy of the 60’s with a more mature sound.

Uk_realgoodlookingboy“Real Good Looking Boy” is essentially a tribute to Elvis Presley. The opening melody and even the lyrics to “Can’t Help Falling In Love” are shared in the song. Roger spoke about his feelings for Elvis, “”A man that changed my life at the age of 11. I saw Elvis Presley live at 11. Thank God I did, I loved him because everybody under the age of 20 thought they were Elvis and dressed like him. Everybody over 20 hated them and that was good enough for me.”