Three Chords And The Truth – Chase Rice & Sara Evans

Bono announced before a live version of  Dylan’s “All Along The Watchtower” that “All I have is a red guitar, three chords, and the truth”.  The origin of that classic quote is still up for speculation although many credit it to songwriter Harland Howard.  But the gist of the story is how much honest emotion is expressed in a classic Country Music song.   This quote has now inspired two modern day country songs that took the sentiment in completely opposite directions and both unique versions are incredible!    One injects some Bro-Country swagger and the other reminds us of the golden days of Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette.

SARA EVANS   1998   “Three Chords And The Truth”

Let’s kick it off with Sara Evan’s heartbreaking old school country ballad from her debut album.   Most people first discovered Sara Evans in 2000 with her smash hit “Born To Fly” and a double platinum album.   But that was actually Sara’s third album.  Her debut “Three Chords And The Truth” didn’t have any hit singles but the title track is a lost treasure classic.    Check out the poetic lyrics that Sara co-wrote,

“I turned on the radio
And a voice came over sweet and low
And I didn’t know the tears were gonna start
But what amazed me even more
Is I’d never heard that song before
But somehow I knew each word by heart”

CHASE RICE  2017  “Three Chords And The Truth”

At the recent 2017 Country 500 music festival in May in Daytona Beach, Florida, Chase Rice picked my friend, Sara out of the crowd and sang a love song to her on stage.  The crowd went wild for the up and coming country star and this tender moment at the festival.   Chase is back with a new single that name drops some classic songs like Haggard’s “Mama Tried”,  Steve Earle’s “Copperhead Road”, and the obvious “Ring Of Fire” and “Sweet Home Alabama”.  The high energy rock/country hybrid track is a party track that should quickly hit the Top 10 on the Billboard Country Singles Chart.