2003    THREE DAYS GRACE   –   “HOME”

TDGCanadian rockers, Three Days Grace, were originally known as Groundswell.   After years of touring the small clubs and bars, they released their first major label release in 2003 on Jive Records.   The alt-metal band struck early with a trio of big hits, I Hate Everything About You (#2), Home (#2), and Just Like You(their first #1).   Reviewers thought the band had a lot of promise, very accessible, commercial, but lacked a distinctive sound.  Home was the killer track, the teen angst, disconnect with the ones you love makes your house feel like anything but a home.

2006    ONE-X – “NEVER TOO LATE”
TDG OXTheir second album was released on Sony BMG. Lead singer, Adam Gontier, wrote much of the album while rehabilitating from an addiction to Oxycontin. The pain, loneliness, thoughts of suicide, hope, and the need to change his life empowered Adam to write Three Days Grace masterpiece. The band’s biggest selling CD features the life-changing song of empowerment, Never Too Late along with the intense rockers, Pain, The Animal I’ve Become, and Riot. If you’re going to buy one disc by the band, this is the one to get. Never Too Late has always held a special place in my life. The power ballad, Over And Over along with Gone Forever are every bit as powerful as their 3 chart topping hits on One-X.

2009     LIFE STARTS NOW     “BREAK”
Three-Days-Grace-BreakLife Starts Now takes things down a notch with a slightly more melodic and lighter sound on Life Starts Now. Bassist Brad Walst described their third CD as “confronting life and recognizing how fragile it is.” The album debuted at #3 and all four singles went straight to #1. Break, World So Cold, The Good Life, and Lost In You all had the Three Days Grace signature sound but that familiarity also was the band’s biggest downfall. Listeners found the band’s lack of growth and predictability as a negative. They were commercially as successful as ever but a backlash that they were selling out was becoming a popular comment. Still it’s hard to resist the feel-good energy on tracks like Lost In You and the devastating power ballad, Last To Know.


TDG TOVThe last album with lead singer, Adam Gontier, Transit of Venus is being supported on tour by Brad Walst on lead vocals. Their final release as the original quartet is a meshing of their 2003 sound along with new experimentation and a definite sign of attempting growth from the 10 year old band. Chalk Outline was the familiar lead single but tracks like High Road, Broken Glass, and Give Me A Reason sound like a totally different band than the Three Days Grace we’ve grown used to hearing. It’s not a compliment. An ill-fated cover of Michael Jackson’s Give In To Me and other less than powerful tracks like Operate doom this CD into 4th place on a list of their discography.