Three Of Metal’s No Hit Wonders: Blitzkrieg, Future Leaders Of The World, Lord Tracy


Thrash metal gods, Metallica, wanted to name their debut CD, Metal Up Your A**, their record company axed that plan and Kill Em All was chosen as the “safer” alternative title.    Five years later, their record label improved the demo-like quality of the CD and added Metallica’s cover of Blitzkrieg’s self-titled thrash anthem.   Blitzkrieg never achieved major fame or sold many records but they are such a huge influence on Metallica that Lars Ulrich said Diamond Head and Blitzkrieg were the biggest influences on the Metallica’s thrash metal sound.


Kurt Cobain not only helped end “hair metal”, soon afterwards came a plethora of bands emulating their Seattle Grunge sound.  Lead singer, Phil Taylor, of the Future Leaders Of The World might have hit it big becoming the lead singer of a Nirvana cover band because his voice is almost identical to Kurt!  Their band is now called Machina but Future Leaders Of the World had a brief moment in the sun with their minor hit I chose today.  Their CD hit #153 on the charts before they disbanded their FLOTW band name. 


Lost in the shuffle of the 80’s metal scene were a number of bands trying to win the MTV lottery and join bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, and Whitesnake on our TV screens.   Lord Tracy released their debut CD in 1989 and enlisted Terry Glaze of Pantera as their lead singer.   The album didn’t sell, their lead single “Out With The Boys” crashed and died, their follow-up ballad “Foolish Love” did little and the band soon disappeared.    But give “Foolish Love” a chance, it’s a hidden treasure power ballad I think with a little marketing could have been their breakthrough hit.