Tim McGraw Slaps A Fan, New CD Artwork

Tim McGraw slaps female fanTim McGraw has sold 40 million records and had 11 consecutive albums go to #1. He’s the third biggest selling country music artist of the Soundscan era and he’s married to the exquisitely beautiful Faith Hill. Truly, the Louisiana native is living on top of the world. Could it all come crumbling down in an instant? Last month, concert footage from a July 13th concert in Atlanta showed Tim slapping a female fan during “Truck Yeah”. What gives? How did Tim respond to the accusation? What’s the backlash?


Tim McGraw Faith HillTMZ footage shows Tim was walking through the crowd and everyone was looking for a “high five” or just to touch the country music stud. One woman went a little too far, slapping him on the rear three times, then grabbing his ripped jeans (possibly his genitals), and pulled on the jeans causing a huge rip. Tim said he instinctively swatted the hand away (verdicts still out on that). Why he didn’t wait for security or chose to handle it so aggressively remains unknown, but the woman was quickly escorted from the arena. Fans have mixed opinions. Many rightfully maintain that a man should never strike a woman, but the majority are cutting Tim some slack. If anyone deserved to be slapped, it would be the writers of “Truck Yeah”, one of the worst country music songs I’ve ever heard!



Tim McGraw CD coverTiming is everything, we’ll see how this controversy grows as Tim McGraw is set to release his new CD, Sundown Heaven Town, on September 16th. Once again, Faith Hill will singing on the new record with the lead single, “Meanwhile Back At Mama’s”. On the Deluxe version, Kid Rock is adding guest vocals to a track called “Lincoln Continentals and Cadillacs”. Tim describes the record as a career summation, a microcosm of twenty years of music. The CD cover was just released and no, Tim is not wearing a wife beater!




“MEANWHILE BACK AT MAMA’S” Tim McGraw with Faith Hill