Today Was A Good Day : 30 Seconds To Mars, Ice Cube, Peter Cetera

“CLOSER TO THE EDGE”                     30 SECONDS TO MARS

Actor, Jared Leto, fronts the ever-improving band, 30 Seconds To Mars.    This 2010 summer song is pure inspiration.    The video is genius:   Capture the band performing live all over Europe, share their energy and the passionate and mesmerizing interaction between a band truly connecting with their audience.    “Closer To The Edge” is an all-time favorite video from the beautiful locations, the uplifting message, and a powerful rock performance.   Check out at 3:00, “Are You Ready?” then an amazing crowd shot, slow-motion drum beats, classic!

“HOLD ME”                       PETER CETERA and PAUL ANKA 

Peter Cetera?    What?   Yes, it’s totally cheesy, it’s one of those secret songs you have to roll up the windows if it comes on your car stereo but you don’t turn the channel.    Beautiful romantic song that combines two “soft rock” giants.   I guess, two wrongs do make a right!


“IT WAS A GOOD DAY”                             ICE CUBE

I was lucky to have grown up in the 80s when rap took off.   I loved the creative rhymes mixed with hip hop samples from great R&B favorites of mine from the likes of James Brown, P-Funk, and Sly and the Family Stone.   Ice Cube was THE MAN, a true O.G.   After leaving N.W.A. he put out a string of classics including his biggest hit from 1993’s The Predator.  The beats sample the Isley Brothers and has classic lyrics about scoring a triple double on the basketball court, name dropping Yo! MTV Raps, bragging he didn’t have to use his AK,