Sexiest Toni Braxton Videos You May Have Missed

Toni_braxton_libraIn 2001, Toni Braxton presented at Grammy Awards. Arriving onstage in a white satin dress with an outrageous slit leaving little to the imagination, Toni’s outfit became the highlight of the night. Sadly, this moment capped off the peak of her meteoric career of Top 10 hits in the 90’s. After the ’01 Grammys, Toni’s popularity dwindled in the 2000’s. During this time, some of her best work was released but only the diehard Braxton-fans ever heard these songs. Here’s three songs you may missed the first time around but now you’ve got no excuse to add them to your next sexy playlist!

“HIT THE FREEWAY” With Loon (2002)
Probably would have been a stronger single with a different rapper. In fact, Toni doesn’t even need a guest rapper here.

“PLEASE” (2005)
That 2001 Grammy dress makes a dramatic comeback for the lead single from her Libra CD. The sultry female violinists, Toni’s strut in front of the guys, and that choreography on the floor makes this one of Toni’s sexiest videos of the decade.

“HANDS TIED” (2010)

So many artists go for the cheap thrill, the outrageous stunt to get some attention and make you forget they’re really not that talented. Here Toni excites the guys in the strip club with an alluring pole dance, but she keeps it classy and sexy, never taking it too far.