Too Hot For TV: Julianne Hough, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ying Yang Twins


julianne-hough-is-that-so-wrong-video-bannedThe title of Julianne Hough’s new single says it all, “Is That So Wrong”? Country Music Television is traditional, family oriented, and quick to shake their finger if a song or artist gets too controversial. They banned a Rascal Flatts video for a half of a second of Joe’s naked butt at the end of “I Melt”. When the Dancing With The Star beauty turned country music singer released her new video for “Is That So Wrong”, CMT quickly pulled the plug and banned it from the network. Julianne is doing a little striptease in her bedroom. Granted the video is SUPER hot but there is no nudity, I’m sure that VH1 and MTV wouldn’t have reacted so abruptly. Here’s the video you’ll never see on CMT.


Maxim_Cover_Jennifer_Love_HIt feels like the 33 year old actress has been on our TV screens forever. She started off on Disney’s Kids Incorporated, starred as a teenager on Party Of Five, horror movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer, and now starring in The Client List on Lifetime. Jennifer has experienced both versions of the Hollywood machine. She’s been named the Sexiest Woman alive by Maxim magazine and brutally attacked by paparazzi when Jennifer packed on extra pounds. Well, she’s gunning for another run at Maxim magazine with her new music video for “I’m A Woman”. The ultra-sexy song and Jennifer’s toned and tight body are the perfect synergy.


saltshakerTalk about too hot for TV, MTV pushed this 2004 crunk classic to late night viewing only. The exotic dancers are wearing fireman outfits who are about to ignite your screen on fire! The song by the Ying Yang Twins was their stripper anthem, “(Shake It Like A) Salt Shaker”. The duo teamed up with Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz in 2004. If you wanted to know what Crunk music sounded like, here’s a great place to start: Heavy basslines, call and response vocals, sexual themes, and more swagger that you can handle!