Top 10 Angry Women Anthems Of The 90’s

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, “stab him with your high heel”,… “a scorned woman does better detective work than the F.BI”….there was something about the 1990s and women finally standing up and letting their voices being heard full force.  It’s not surprising that films like Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle were so successful during this time period. For all of the mellow sweetness of a Sarah McLaughlin ballad about an “Angel”, Lisa Loeb asking him to “Stay”, and their like-minded Lilith Fair folk singer peers, there were women like Meredith Brooks calling out someone for being a “Bitch”.   Without going to the hardcore punk extremes, what were the Top 10 Angry Women Anthems of the 1990s that crossed over to the mainstream.


Huge List of Honorable Mentions, don’t get mad at me for leaving your song off the list 🙂     “Did I Shave My Legs For This?” – Deana Carter  “My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)” – En Vogue, “Ex-Girlfriend” – No Doubt, “Right Through You” – Drain S.T.H., anything by L7, “Not A Pretty Girl” – Ani DiFranco, “He Wasn’t Man Enough For Me” – Toni Braxton, “Hit Em Up Style” – Blu Cantrell, “Rebel Girl”- Bikini Kill, “Bitch” – Meredith Brooks, “What About That?” – Janet Jackson, “None Of Your Business” – Salt N Pepa, “Wish Me Well (Go To Hell)”  – Bouncing Souls

11.”HUMAN NATURE” – Madonna    Had to throw Madonna in as an alternate for her feminist attitude here.  She doesn’t care if you agree with her views on sexuality or what’s right or wrong, she’s fed up and going to let you exactly what she’s going to do next.


10.  “DOWN BY THE WATER”  or “DRESS”- PJ Harvey    One of the sweetest songs ever about a woman drowning children.  PJ Harvey didn’t have much of a career outside of the 90s but her inclusion on this countdown is mandatory.

9.  “INDEPENDENCE DAY” – Martina McBride    It’s the quiet ones you have to fear the most.  Martina McBride’s beautiful eyes and her seemingly patriotic anthem is actually a tale of a woman who’s had enough of an abusive relationship and burns his house down with him inside!

8.  “NOT GONNA CRY” – Mary J. Blige     When a woman says “everything’s ok” you better take cover.  The Queen of Hip Hop shows you don’t have to raise your voice to express your angry, you can simply put all of his clothes in his car and ignite it on fire.

7. “THIS TOWN” – Human Waste Project 
The Go-Go’s were actually originally classified as a punk rock band.  Songs like “Vacation” changed that perspective.  Human Waste Project took one of the Go-Go’s songs and showed us what true punk rock angst sounds like.

6.   “SEETHER” – Veruca Salt     “Can’t fight the seether”  an Indie rock classic that defined the angst girl movement of the 90s.   This song was written to express what happens when the anger is building up inside of you and you’re holding it in before exploding.

5.  “SUFFOCATE ME” – Shirley Manson     I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to mess with Shirley Manson.  An aggressive track heavily featured on MTV’s underground 120 Minutes showcase when it was recorded by Shirley’s original band, Angelfish.

4.   “TYRONE” (live) – Erykah Badu     The live version packs so much more impact than the studio release.  Erykah is fed up of his cheating ways and makes no mistake what he’s in for next.

3.   “MOTHER MOTHER” – Tracy Bonham     Don’t let the cute acoustic opening verses fool you, Tracy is going full steam ahead by the first minute.  “Everything’s f**ked….I’m bleeding to death”

2.   “VIOLET” – Hole      The whole “Live Through This” album could be the soundtrack for this Top 10 countdown.  Let’s go with “Violet” for that killer Courtney Love snarl on the chorus, “go on take everything, take everything I want you too.”

1. “YOU OUGHTA KNOW”  – Alanis Morissette      Bonus points for a former teenage actress going off on her Full House ex-boyfriend.  Probably everyone’s favorite Top 40 song about someone going down on her boyfriend in a movie theater.