TOP 10 Christina Aguilera Duets

Christina_Aguilera_red pumpsThere is a unspoken rule on TV reality show competitions: Never sing Mariah, Celine, Whitney, or Christina unless you’re prepared to look really bad in comparison to these ultimate Divas. Christina Aguilera broke out of the Disney mold and became the first female teenage pop superstar to reach this upper echelon of powerful female singers. Over the years, Christina has recorded some incredible duets with some of music’s biggest superstars but also some up and coming new artists in English and Spanish. Can you imagine the pressure any singer must feel knowing you’re going to be singing a duet with Christina! Let’s countdown the Top 10 Duets featuring Christina Aguilera.


xtina_say_somethingNOTE: Honorable Mention: “Do What You Want” with Lady Gaga, “Tilt Your Head Back” with Nelly, “Castle Walls” with T.I., “Tell Me” with Diddy, and “Steppin’ Out With My Baby” with Tony Bennett (she’s too powerful here)

*** “Lady Marmalade” with Mya, Pink, and Missy Elliott is a great song but it’s hardly a DUET!

10. “Like A Virgin Medley” Madonna & Britney Spears

Christina’s fellow Mouseketeer joins her for a tribute to the ultimate 80’s female icon. Their kiss grabbed the headlines but it’s a really fun cover. Ok, there are 3 singers here so it’s not a “duet” but you haven’t heard it in years so it snuck on the countdown.

9. “It’s Impossible ” Andrea Bocelli

It might be a little over the top, but Andrea has gone on record that he loves Christina’s vocals here. Good enough endorsement to make the Top 10!

8. “Can’t Hold Us Down” Lil Kim
For Christina’s “Stripped” CD, Lil Kim adds a little street cred to Aguilera’s image with the female empowerment anthem.

7. “Just a Fool” Blake Shelton
This probably shouldn’t work, Christina’s high octaves with a country music crooner but it’s one of the biggest surprises from a weak Bionic CD.


6. “Feel This Moment” Pitbull

A party favorite, Mr Worldwide’s charm is the perfect foil for Christina’s amazing hook on the chorus.

5. “Dirrty” Redman

Christina’s first song with a rapper. Not just any hip hop artist, Christina grabs one of the Wu Tang Clan to introduce her X-Tina alter-ego.

4. “Moves Like Jagger” Maroon 5
The second of her amazing duets featuring a rival judge from The Voice. Christina’s vocal on the chorus totally pump up one of Adam Levine’s most fun pop songs.

3. “Hoy Tengo Ganas De Ti” Alejandro Fernandez

Christina doesn’t get enough credit for her Spanish songs but this seductive ballad with Alejandro Fernandez will leave you speechless.

2. “Nobody Wants To Be Lonely” Ricky Martin
Two Latin superstars combining for one of the sexiest videos of the early 2000’s.

1. “SAY SOMETHING” A Great Big World
Less is more, Christina’s ultimate duet is an understated vocal where her haunting accompaniment perfectly accentuates the loneliness of the lyrics.