Top 10 Don Henley Duets

Five solo albums?    After The Eagles essentially called it quits in the early 1980s, Don Henley continued with a huge solo career in the following decade.  Songs like “Dirty Laundry”, “The Boys Of Summer”, and “End Of The Innocence” were essential songs of the decade.  But overall, Don only released five solo albums in the last 30 years!   Check it out, one album in the 2000s (Inside Job), one in the 2010s (his country music project, Cass County), and ZERO albums in the entire decade of the ’90s.   Despite only recording five solo albums, Don Henley has been the hired gun of choice for many artists looking for a Hall of Fame vocalist on their record.   As we compile the list of the Top 10 Don Henley Duets, you’ll notice a lot of country artists featured here which fits his Texas folk/rock/country roots.  Honorable mention goes out to duets with Dolly Parton, Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley, and Randy Travis that didn’t make the final cut.

10B.  Shakey Ground   (Elton John)   A duet with Sir Elton John on his “Duets” album that brings to mind Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”.

10A.  Hasten Down The Wind  (Linda Ronstadt)   The Eagles were basically Linda Ronstadt’s backing band before they been music superstars.  It’s only fitting that Linda and Don recorded this Ronstadt classic together.

9. It Don’t Matter To The Sun (Stevie Nicks) We’ll be hearing some more from Stevie later in the countdown. This track was an incredible bonus track on Don Henley’s extended edition of his “Cass County” album.

8.  Calling Me  (Kenny Rogers)     From Kenny’s “Water And Bridges” album, it’s a beautiful throwback song from two of the most recognized voices in music history.

7.  Garden Party  (John Fogerty)    Actually this is more a trio than a duet when Mr. Creedence Clearwater Revival teamed up with Henley and his Eagles bandmate, Timothy B. Schmidt for a reprise of Ricky Nelson’s signature tune.

6.  Inside Out   (Trisha Yearwood)   The first of two songs with Mrs. Garth Brooks. “Inside Out” is a feel-good pop record full of surprises like Henley’s backing vocals and a vintage harmonica solo.

5.  That Old Flame (Martina McBride) You’re not alone if you’ve never heard this one before. Hidden away on Henley’s last solo record was a rocker that could have easily fit on the last Eagles record. Don and Martina harmonize so well here and should definitely look into recording a few more future duets.

4.  Walkaway Joe (Trisha Yearwood) A haunting tale of lost love from early in Trisha Yearwood’s career. When Henley chimes in on the chorus, it can take your breath away.

3.  I Will Not Go Quietly (Axl Rose) Yes, that Axl Rose! For Henley’s “End Of The Innocence” album, he enlisted the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses for the most aggressive song in his solo career. Lost opportunity here, Don should have released this one as a single and teamed up Axl for a music video!

2. Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough (Patty Smyth) One of the most underrated rock singers of the 80s, Patty Smyth is best remembered for being married to tennis bad-boy, John McEnroe, and her two signature songs, “The Warrior” with her band, Scandal, and this heartbreaker with Mr. Henley.

1. Leather And Lace (Stevie Nicks) The second single from Stevie Nicks debut solo album, “Bella Donna”. The future Billboard Top 10 hit wasn’t even written for her album. She offered it to country icon, Waylon Jennings and his wife, Jessi Colter.

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