Top 10 Eddie Van Halen Instrumentals

Eddie Van Halen SoloWhen you’ve got frontmen as dynamic as Diamond David Lee Roth or the Red Rocker, Sammy Hagar, you’ve got to be an incredible musician to outshine these big personalities.  But there’s a reason why Van Halen is named for the two brothers who are the true heart and soul of the band.    On most of Van Halen’s CD’s, an instrumental track was included that featured Eddie Van Halen shredding an epic guitar solo often highlighted by his signature harmonic tapping style.  Guitar aficianados would play these records over and over and learn the riffs.



Eddie Van Halen StratMany of Van Halen’s instrumentals were high powered metal (Eruption), but others were soft (Spanish Fly), and sometimes simply experimental (1984).  But whenever these songs were played live, Eddie was on stage alone, cast in a spotlight with his signature cigarette attached to his Frankenstrat guitar.  Night after night, the crowd stood in awe as Eddie took us on a journey to another world.   Look up “guitar hero” in the dictionary, you’ll see Eddie Van Halen’s picture next to it.   Let’s recap some of Eddie Van Halen’s best instrumentals: *Yes, “Eruption” is not #1!

1. “SPANISH FLY” (Van Halen II)

2. “ERUPTION” (Van Halen)

3. “316” (F.U.C.K.)

4. “CATHERINE” (solo)


6. “NEWORLD” (Van Halen III)

7. “1984”

8.  “INTRUDER” (Diver Down)

9.  “BALUCHITHERIUM” (Balance)

10. (Tie) “RISE” (for a porno film!)

10. “CATHEDRAL” (Diver Down)