Top 10 “Did You Know” Facts About Elle King

elle-king-live-at-darylsIf you’ve turned on a radio in the last year, you’ve had to hear Elle King’s exuberant Top 40 smash, “Ex’s and Oh’s”.    After busting onto the music scene, Elle has quickly gained a fast reputation as one of the rising bad-ass female rockers in the industry today.    If all you know about Elle is her big hit song, take a second and check out a special Top 10 Countdown dedicated to Elle King.

elle-king-deuce-bigalow*Remember Rob Schneider from Saturday Night Live?   Characters like The Richmeister aka “The Copy Guy” kept him on SNL for years.   He’s Elle King’s father and she was sent to live with him in Amsterdam in her teens. While he was filming Deuce Bigelow:  European Gigolo, Elle even makes a brief cameo in the film selling Girl Scout cookies.  Her mother is model, London King.


*Pre-dating her “Ex’s and Oh’s” single, Elle recorded the song “Playing For Keeps” in 2012, which became the theme song for VH-1’s “Mob Wives” series.

*Daryl Hall’s TV series, “Live At Daryl’s House” featured Elle on one episode this season where they sang Hall & Oates classic, “Everytime You Go Away”.

“UNDER THE INFLUENCE” Elle King with Daryl Hall

* Elle has an AC/DC tattoo on her arm and plays banjo on stage after growing up a fan of bluegrass legend, Earl Scruggs.

*Esquire Magazine knew her talent early on, touting Elle as as their “Artist To Watch” in 2012, three years before her breakthrough hit.

*For 20 years, no female singer had ever held the #1 spot on the Alternative Singles Chart.  Lorde broke the record with her single “Royals”.   Guess who was the second woman to do it?

*While Mark Ronson was recording “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars, he was working next door with Elle at the same time on her single “Last Damn Night”.

*Not one to ride on her celebrity lineage, Elle dropped her famous dad’s last name. Elle’s real name is Tanner Elle Schneider.  She wanted to make it on her own merits.

*On the reboot of “Ghostbusters” this summer, Elle’s song “Good Girls” was featured over the film’s ending credits.

*Elle claims her musical epiphany was being given a copy of an album by The Donnas from her stepfather.   You can see the influence on her style even today!