Top 10 Sister Songs Of All-Time

Sister Christian Night RangerMarsha, Marsha, Marsha!   When it comes to sisters, which category do you think is more common?   The overprotective big sister, the competitive nature of the younger sister to surpass the eldest, or do they both share such a tight bond they truly become BFF’s?  A lot of great songs have been dedicated to sisters and many specifically about the younger sister.  Let’s countdown the Top 10 Sister Songs with the criteria of having “Sister” in the song title.


HONORABLE MENTION:  “Sister” by Prince, “Sweet Little Sister” by Skid Row, “Sister Disco” -The Who, “Little Sister” by Queens Of The Stone Age, “Sister Moon” by Sting and Gotthard (different songs), “Little Sister” by Jewel, and “Cry Sister” by Royal Bliss

10.  “Sister Golden Hair”  America
A breezy 70’s pop classic that takes us back to simpler times.

9.   “Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves”   Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin
80’s version of “Girl On Fire” – a empowering female anthem by two legends

8.  “Sister Morphine”   The Rolling Stones
7. “Dance Little Sister” The Rolling Stones
Back to back “sister” songs by the Stones.

6.  “Sister”  Lenny Kravitz
A beautiful tribute record that starts out so sweet and ends with a fury.

5.  “Dance Little Sister”  Terrance Trent D’Arby
The funkiest “sister” song on the list. An 80’s R&B club smash hit by one of the biggest music enigmas of all-time.

4.  “Look At Little Sister”  Stevie Ray Vaughan
From Stevie’s “Texas Flood” album, Texas blues meets 50’s rockabilly.

3.  “Sister Christian”  Night Ranger
Actually dedicated to his sister, Christy, the song got a title change when Christian just sounded better in the studio.

2.  “Hey Soul Sister”  Train
How can you not feel good listening to this song? A joyful burst of positive energy that was even covered on FOX’s Glee by Darren Criss.

1.  “Little Sister”   Elvis Presley
Dwight Yoakam and Pearl Jam also do a fantastic cover of one of Elvis’ biggest hits. The essence of the rivalry between sisters is perfectly captured in Elvis’ feisty tale of a guy comparing two sisters to each other.