Top 10 Songs About Jane

36159_02_Pfold.inddThe Top 10 Songs with Maria in the title became one of the most popular posts on Mike’s Daily Jukebox.   What other girl’s name deserves a special Top 10 list?    If you picked Jane, you chose wisely.  Maroon 5 even released an album called “Songs About Jane”. A quick check on iTunes and at least 20 songs deserve a spot on the Jane countdown!    If we went international here, think about all of the common foreign versions of Jane we could include here:  Gianna (Italian), Hanna (Hungarian), Ivanka (Czech), Jana (Polish), Jenny (English), Johanna (German and Swedish), Juanita (Spanish), and Siobhan (Irish).   Sorry  “Jenny 867-5309” and “Jenny From The Block”, but this list will only include songs with the actual name Jane in the title.

HONORABLE MENTION:  “Lady Jane”  The Rolling Stones, “Queen Jane Approximately” Bob Dylan, “Jane” EPMD

10.  “Mary Jane”  Rick James     We all know who Rick’s favorite “Mary Jane” is!   From his album, Come & Get It

9.  “Baby Jane”  Rod Stewart    From Rod’s pop phase in the early 80’s, an early MTV video classic

8. “Zoe Jane”  Staind   Dedicated to their baby girl, easily the most sentimental song in Staind’s career of hard rock anthems.

7. “Mary Jane (All Night Long)”    Mary J. Blige      The Queen of Hip Hop/Soul will have you dancing and bobbing your head along with this seductive club banger that samples The Mary Jane Girls.

6.  “Jane Says (Steel Drum Version)”    Jane’s Addiction    Got to love those steel drums!  An early 90’s alternative hit that probably deserves a higher spot on the countdown. The live version blows away the official album track.

5.  “Daisy Jane”   America      A 70’s AOR staple with that lonely piano introduction that builds to that dramatic line “Does she really love me?  I think she does….like the stars above me I know because when the sky is bright everything is alright.”

4.  “The Diary of Jane”  Breaking Benjamin    From the Pennsylvania rockers, third album Phobia, opening with a death growl, the song actually balances the fine line between power ballad and nu-metal.

3.  “Jane”  Jefferson Starship    From 1979, the first Jefferson Starship album featuring Mickey Thomas on lead vocals.   That keyboard solo to open the song is so unforgettable!

2.  “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”  Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers    It’s hard to separate the song from the music video.  Kim Basinger’s corpse, the bride still wearing her wedding dress, and Petty’s creepy attempts to pretend she’s still alive.  If you’ve seen Petty live, this is the song they turn up the guitars and Mike Campbell and Tom Petty trade epic guitar solos.

  1.  “Sweet Jane”  The Velvet Underground, The Cowboy Junkies, Lou Reed (solo)     A song that has stood the test of time for over 40 years.   “Sweet Jane” has been reinterpreted as a rocker (Reed), a lonesome ballad ( Cowboy Junkies
    ), and one of the original glam rock alternative songs (Velvet Underground).  Each version is a 5 star rated epic and completely different in sound and FEEL.

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  1. Hi Mike,

    I have that Jefferson Airplane track on 7″ vinyl. I used to go to a Rock night back in the day where they’d play that one alongside Motorhead and Guns & Roses.

    Love the theme for this post. I’m curious to see what other names you can use as well.