TOP 10 Years in Rock and Roll History (Vol. 1)

History of Rock 3Certain dates ring forever in rock and roll history:   1964 – The Beatles come to America,  1969 – Woodstock, 1977 – The year Elvis Presley passed away, 1982 – The birth of MTV, 1983 – Michael Jackson’s Thriller breaks box office records, 1991- Nirvana’s Nevermind CD……. but this countdown of the Top 10 Years in Rock and Roll history is based on their song titles.    What are some of the greatest songs dedicated to a specific year for the special memories they evoke?   The Top 10 list will be broken up into two days, so let’s kick it off with #11-#6 today.    Honorable Mention:  Van Halen’s keyboard instrumental “1984”

EXTRA: (Pre-rock era) “AD 1928/Rocking The Paradise” STYX

10.  “1985”     BOWLING FOR SOUP

1985 will go down as the year of Live Aid, Farm Aid, “We Are The World”.   Madonna’s first tour, David Lee Roth’s exit from Van Halen, and VH-1 becomes MTV’s sister station that year.   Pop punk rockers, Bowling For Soup, take us back to the big hair decade with their hit single “1985”. Easily the funniest video on the countdown!

9.    “1961”     THE FRAY

Motown’s first #1 single “Shop Around”, The Beatles begin at the Cavern Club, Ben E King’s “Stand By Me”, and the debut single by the Beach Boys all occur this year.    The Fray take us back in time with a story dedicated to the Berlin Wall and later its destruction in 1989.

8.    “1994”    JASON ALDEAN

Cobain’s suicide, Woodstock ’94 (25th Anniversary Concert), Green Day’s “Dookie”, Left Eye burns down her boyfriend’s house, and Michael Jackson marries Elvis’ daughter.    Jason Aldean asks us to step in his time machine truck.   Who can forget 1994’s hook, “Hey Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie” dedicated to one of country music’s legends of the decade.

7.     “1973”    JAMES BLUNT

Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”, Elvis in Hawaii, Queen and The Scorpions release debut albums, and the Rolling Stones “Angie” tops the year end chart.    British singer/songwriter James Blunt gets sentimental about a girl named Simona in the touching track “1973”.

6.     “SPIRIT OF ’76”   THE ALARM

Bicentennial concerts, The Band’s “Last Waltz, the birth of punk with the Sex Pistol and The Ramones, Paul McCartney and Wings’s first tour of the U.S., and ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” battles “Bohemian Rhapsody” for song of the year.    Scottish rockers, The Alarm, dedicate one of their biggest hits to the memory of a simpler time and era when the band members first got together.