Top 25 Songs of 2015: #25 to #18 (Day 1 of 3)

Prince Collage









25.  “NEVER GET YOU RIGHT”   Brandon Flowers

In 2013, The Killers topped Mike’s Daily Jukebox for the Song of The Year.   Brandon’s solo CD, “The Desired Effect” is one of the lost treasures of 2015.

24.  “SUGAR”    Maroon 5

Never been a big fan of Maroon 5 but their wedding crasher’s video is one of the sweetest music videos of the year.

23.   “YOU WANT A BATTLE, HERE’S A WAR”    Bullet For My Valentine

The highlight from their Venom CD, an aggressive rocker that must be played at maximum volume.

****Just Missed The Top 25   “ONE HELL OF AN AMEN” –   Brantley Gilbert

In a couple of years, rising superstar, Brantley Gilbert will be competing for Entertainer of the Year with the likes of Luke, Kenny, and Blake at the CMA’s. 


Kid Rock’s $20 Tour was a highlight of 2015’s summer tour schedule. This ballad brought out the lighters (or cellphones) every night.

21.   “INFINITY”    One Direction

“All I ever wanted was the truth. How many nights will it take to count the stars, that’s how long it will take to fix my heart.”


What took Coldplay so long to go disco?   The group that gave us “Yellow” and “The Scientist” took a major left turn this year and we’re excited for their upcoming tour.

19.  “MR NELSON”    Prince

Prince delivered two albums this year, HitNRun Volume 1 and 2, that dipped into the Fountain Of Youth.  This funky EDM jam is almost a mashup of the best of the Purple One’s late 80’s to mid 90’s style with a modern twist. Of course, Prince pulled the video from online. So here’s Brad Paisley’s “Perfect Storm” with the best guitar solo in country music for 2015.

18.  “A WONDERFUL LIFE”    Brian Fallon

The Gaslight Anthem might be going on hiatus but lead singer, Brian Fallon, does his best Springsteen imitation on one of the best rock singles of the year.