Top 10 Resolutions For 2016

funny-new-year-2016-resolutionWhen you think about it, just because you need to buy a new calendar doesn’t mean your life needs an overhaul.  But there is something so refreshing about a new year.  Time for change, motivation to not repeat the mistakes of the previous year, the opportunity to turn your life around in the upcoming 12 months.  Since the days of the Babylonians who promised to pay off their debts at the start of the year, it’s estimated that 40% of Americans will make a New Years Resolution this year.   How long will you keep yours?  Do other people actually keep theirs?  What do you think are the Top 5 resolutions this year?    Nielsen provided some great statistics to ponder:


For a full week 75%

For a full month 64%

For a half year   46%

Meet their goal     8%

Top 10 Resolutions:

  1.  Losing Weight
  2.  Getting Organized
  3.  Save More, Spend Less
  4.  Enjoy Life Much More
  5.  Staying Fit and Healthy
  6.  Learn Something New
  7.  Quit Smoking
  8.  Help Someone Achieve Their Goal
  9.  Fall In Love
  10.  Spend More Quality Time With Loved Ones
  11.  Follow Mike’s Daily Jukebox!

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