Top 5 Weird Al Songs (since 2000)

Weird Al Straight Outta LynwoodKISS has their army, Katy Perry has her Katykats, well Weird Al Yankovic has his Al-oholics! The King of Parodies has sold over 16 million albums since his debut single in 1979, “My Bologna” (The Knack). Many artists dream of the day when Weird Al will find their song worthy of one of his parodies. Weird Al’s last CD, Alpocalypse charted higher on the Billboard album charts than any other album in his 35 year career. Al’s recently branched off into writing children’s books. Despite being less in the public eye, Weird Al’s career is still going strong.

Weird Al has released three CD’s since 2000: Poodle Hat in 2003, Straight Outta Lynwood (2006), and Alpocalypse (2013). Let’s countdown the Top 5 Songs from these landmark comedy albums:

Honorable Mention:

“WHATEVER YOU LIKE” T.I. parody. Not everyone can be a “baller” living the decadent, extravagant, rapper lifestyle. Favorite Line: “It’s all about the Washington’s”

5. “CRAIGSLIST” Weird Al channels Jim Morrison for a brilliant parody of The Doors. You’ve got to love the spoken word coffee barista bit!

4. “A COMPLICATED SONG” Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” morphs into the funniest song you’ll ever hear about constipation and decapitation.

3. “DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS SONG” Previously posted on Mike’s Daily Jukebox. You’ve got to love the irony. Al sings about the dangers of illegal downloading music then makes the song available as a free download!

2. “EBAY” The Backstreet Boys massive hit, “I Want It That Way” sets the stage for one of Weird Al’s greatest songs of the last decade. Bubblewrap, sniping bids, crazy garage sales finds like an Alf alarm clock or a Pac-Man Fever lunch box all show up on eBay!

1. “WHITE AND NERDY”   The theme song for the Al-oholics. Houston rapper Chamillionaire’s “Riding Dirty” gets a massive makeover. The segway bit and all of the “nerdy” references are brilliant. The song is Weird Al’s all-time biggest selling single in his 35 year career.