Train Borrows From Tom Hanks in “Big”

Remember that scene in the 80s movie, Big, when Tom Hanks dances on the giant piano keyboard at the toy store with Robert Loggia?   The song playing over the scene is the Hoagie Carmichael classic from 1938, “Heart & Soul”.    This musical chestnut has become an American Standard and sung by the likes of  Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, and even Stewie on Fox’s Family Guy!   Well, it’s sad to announce that the site of the movie at the world’s most famous toy store, FAO Schwarz in New York City shut down in July 2015.


But the song was resurrected by the California pop/rock group, Train, for their latest hit “Play That Song”.    The melody and joyful spirit of “Heart and Soul” is alive and well in the Pat Monahan hit that brings a little ray of sunshine to your Monday morning!     Train has made a nice career out singing ridiculously catchy, upbeat songs that may not sound very deep at first listen.   Like the sentimental feel-good scene in “Big”, pop hits like “Hey Soul Sister”, “Drive By”, and “Drops Of Jupiter” are making the world a friendlier place and we need more simple moments like this!