Trayvon Martin, 41 Shots Revisted By The Boss: Bruce Springsteen, Lit, and Nas


In 2000, Bruce recorded a song about racial profiling and told the story of Amadou Diallo who was shot by 4 policemen a total of 41 times.   Amadou was an immigrant, unarmed, and matched the description of a rape suspect.  When he was asked to raise his hands, he lifted up his wallet, the police reacted as if it was a gun.    Bruce’s indictment in his lyrics, “you get killed just for living in your American Skin”.    Bruce has added “41 Shots” to his current setlist as the Trayvon Martin case is making headlines, the lyrics ring out as dramatically today as they did 12 years ago


The biggest selling rock song of 1999, yet I haven’t heard it in forever!   Lit had their fifteen minutes of fame with this song and “Miserable”‘s video with Pamela Anderson.    The song’s opening lyrics… “Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk” and the raucous chorus always brings a smile!

“DANCE”      NAS  

When you list the greatest lyricists and MC’s of all-time, Nas has to deserve serious consideration.   From the 5 Mic Debut, the critically acclaimed masterpiece, Illmatic in 1994 until now, Nas exemplifies the power of an MC who is the master of his craft.  His flow, cadence, and intelligent lyrics speak of social commentary, storytelling, biting jabs at injustice, or messages of hope and inspiration.  “Dance” is dedicated  to his mother who died in 2002.   It’s soft, sensitive, and among the highlights of his music catalog.