A Tribute To Motley Crue – Nashville Outlaws

Nashville-OutlawsIf you dig deep, bands like The Rolling Stones (Wild Horses), Fleetwood Mac (Landslide), and Aerosmith (What It Takes) have songs that would beautifully transition into country music covers.   But who would ever imagine Motley Crue’s incredible catalog of hair metal classics being stripped down and released as a country record.    This fall a CD titled “Nashville Outlaws – A Tribute To Motley Crue” saw 15 of the biggest country superstars take on their favorite Crue songs.   Was it a train wreck?  Did they stay faithful to the original or did they completely change it up?   The answer is a mixed bag but the CD is surprisingly really fun and a lot better than you’d expect!




Rascal Flatts Kickstart My HeartRascal Flatts take on “Kickstart My Heart”.    Their high energy style worked great with the Dr Feelgood classic but they did cop out when they softened the lyrics by editing out the word “ass”.   Really?   Florida Georgia Line veers closest to the line dividing country and rock music and their version of “If I Die Tomorrow” is the biggest highlight on the tribute disc.    The low points here were the female covers (Cassadee Pope’s “Animal In Me” and Lauren Jenkins’ “Looks That Kill) clearly don’t work with this format.   Vince Neil guests with Justin Moore on “Home Sweet Home”, unfortunately this version only makes you miss Motley Crue’s original.     The renegade country artists like Big & Rich (Same Ole Situation) and The Cadillac Three (Livewire) all shine here as they add a fun flavor to the mix.    The Mavericks inject a little bluegrass to “Dr Feelgood”.   It’s a fun CD worth checking out if you’re a fan of Southern rock.


“IF I DIE TOMORROW” Florida Georgia Line