Trivia: Which Joan Jett song was written by Bruce Springsteen?

Music Trivia:  Which Bruce Springsteen song was a hit for Joan Jett?

joan-jett-light-of-dayMichael J Fox had a squeaky clean image after Family Ties, Teen Wolf, and Back To Future.   To roughen up his image a little, Michael starred in 1987’s “Light Of Day”, a story of a local Ohio bar band trying to break into the big time.  In the film, Michael spiked up his hair, smoked on camera, played guitar, and even had a one night stand.  Say goodbye to Marty McFly and Alex P. Keaton!   To add some authenticity to the movie, Michael’s band, the Barbusters, included Joan Jett in her first co-starring role.   If you really want to dig deep into the music trivia, a rival band in the film featured a young Trent Reznor, years before his Nine Inch Nails debut CD!

joan_jettDirector, Paul Schrader, was originally going to title his film,  “Born In The U.S.A.”   Now this was before Bruce Springsteen’s landmark album was ever released.   So after copping that title, Bruce returned the favor by penning a new song specially tailored for the film.  “(Just around the corner from) The Light Of Day” is classic Springsteen with a raucous chorus, a familiar car theme, and the hopeful dream of a better life out there on the road.   Joan Jett took the song to #33 on the Billboard Charts and Bruce has included it in his own live shows multiple times over the past 25 years. Here’s an unbelievable scorching 15 minute performance by “The Boss” from 1993.