Trivia: Which Weezer Video Included Kenny G and Hayley Williams?

hayley williams weezer rivers cuomoIt’s not much of a stretch to imagine Rivers Cuomo’s band with Paramore, but which Weezer music video also starred smooth-jazz saxophonist Kenny G?    Need another hint? Singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles and Josh Freese of the metal band, A Perfect Circle, also make cameos here.   With this eclectic lineup you would think the video would be unforgettable, but the song never really hit it big.   “I’m Your Daddy” was the second single on Weezer’s Raditude CD (the one with the jumping dog on the cover).   The video captured the alternative band on tour and many overly enthusiastic fans get their big moment when the camera comes their way.   The CD wasn’t very popular but “I’m Your Daddy” has a delicious pop hook and one of the best guitar riffs on the album.

“I’M YOUR DADDY”    Weezer


Weezer Hash PipeIf you’re going to be talking about one of Weezer’s weaker songs, it’s only fair to share one of their best. “Hash Pipe” was the best song on their 3rd CD (aka “The Green Album”). If you want to link Weezer in with the Emo bands and claim they don’t rock hard enough, just crank up “Hash Pipe”. The driving guitar solo deserves maximum volume. Add in Rivers’ glorious falsetto before the chorus and you’ve got one of most memorable songs in their catalog. Some radio stations wouldn’t play the song with the drug reference in the title and the lyrics about a transvestite. If you were watching MTV in the early 2000’s, you’ve got to remember their sumo wrestler music video and that crazy bending guitar effect.