True Blood Returns Sunday June 10: Mick Jagger (solo), Third Eye Blind, Cobra Verde


I’m addicted to HBO’s True Blood.   The love triangle with Sookie Stackhouse and the battle between the two Alpha-male vampires, Bill and Eric is one of the most creative love stories ever.   Cajun blues music, unexpected plot twists, great humor mixed with the gore, brilliant writing!   The new season starts back on Sunday, June 10th.   The return of Russell Edgington (last seen getting buried in a pit of plaster) and three new female vampires should change the dynamics.  Add in Rikki, described as a “dirty-beautiful werewolf” in her 20’s and J.D. (a large Marine-type werewolf) and the plot thickens.   Jason gets back together with Jessica in the first episode, can’t wait!   I’ll have to sign up for HBO again for the summer.


What a flashback watching this video again today!!   Rae Dawn Chong and the coolest man on the planet, Mick Jagger, in an action-packed rock video.   “Just Another Night” was the lead single off of Mick’s first solo CD, 1985’s “She’s The Boss”.   The song went right to #1 and spawned dance remixes reminiscent of the Stones late 70’s work.   Niles Rodgers of Chic contributes a funk rock fusion guitar solo to “Just Another Night” that drives the beat even harder.  It’s hysterical watching Mick put on her coat and makeup then jumping on stage, classic Jagger!


If you’re a big fan of any band or artist, you tend to like their lesser-known album tracks better than the singles that everyone in the world can sing   along with.   Third Eye Blind’s breakthrough debut CD had 5 Top 10 singles but songs like “Motorcycle Drive By” inspired their hardcore fans.   Watch as the crowd takes over Stephan Jenkins vocals on this amazing record about heading to the beach enthralled by reminders of a love that will never leave your mind and heart.