Tugging At Your Heartstrings: “Best Day Of Your Life” and “Let Her Go”


best day of my lifeAmerican Authors are four twentysomething guys who met at the Berkley College of Music in Boston. They dropped out of college and tried to hit it big in the music industry.  Despite big dreams, times were tough, the guys were eventually broke and questioning their decision.  Hurricane Sandy even destroyed the restaurant where frontman, Zac Barnett, worked.  After years of struggling, Sirius XM Radio added their debut single, Believer, to their playlist and suddenly they’re “the next big thing in pop radio”. To promote their second single, “Best Day Of My Life”, their label, Island Def Jam Records, took no chances. The new song was featured in the Walter Mitty movie, commercials for both Hyundai and Lowes, and the opening sequence of ESPN’s World Series of Poker. The song is a delicious slice of modern folk rock reminiscent of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers.


Let Her GoVH-1 has been playing Passenger’s latest single, “Let Her Go” on heavy rotation for the past two months. Passenger is actually one guy, English singer-songwriter, Michael Rosenberg. He kept his band’s name when he broke out as a solo artist. “Let Her Go” has become a worldwide smash, hitting #1 in sixteen countries including the U.S. Passenger has really touches millions of listeners with this heartbreaking indie pop ballad of love on the rocks. It’s of little surprise, that Budweiser used the track to tug on your heartstrings for their Super Bowl commercial with the Golden Retriever puppy and his best friend, the Budweiser Clydesdale.  Check the commercial out on a previous post.