Turn Down The Lights – Lost Gems by Sam Cooke, B.B. King, and The O’Jays

“ALL THE WAY” – Sam Cooke
Looking for a late night bedroom mix with an Old School twist? Here’s three hidden treasure songs from back in the day that only their die-hard fans may know. Sam Cooke may be the greatest vocalist in music history. His early death denied many of us of truly see his true potential. His song, “All The Way” was released on his Mr. Soul album in 1963. It wasn’t a single, but everyone knows the song for Frank Sinatra’s version. Even Celine Dion recorded “All The Way” but there is something so special about Cooke’s take on the classic. And when is his doppelganger, Denzel Washington, going to play him in a Hollywood film?


If you asked fans what was the greatest instrumental in the illustrious catalog of blues legend, B.B. King, you’d probably hear “Blues In G” and “King’s Special” mentioned. But in my opinion, B.B. King’s greatest instrumental was “Messy But Good” that was featured on the soundtrack to “The Life Of Riley”. It’s a down and dirty late night blues jam that you’d have been likely to hear as the club is shutting down for the night.


Talk about underrated, The O’Jays have only been putting out hit records for fifty years. “For The Love Of Money”, “Backstabbers”, “Love Train” and on and on…they were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. One of their golden gems was “Cry Together” in 1978. It was released as a single and didn’t even crack the charts!! “Use Ta Be My Girl” went to month just a few months earlier and this was the perfect compliment song but went unnoticed by the masses.