Rare UK Versions of 80’s New Wave Classics: Talk Talk, Johnny Hates Jazz


It's My LifeCurrent music fans probably remember No Doubt’s cover version of the 80’s New Wave classic, It’s My Life, by Talk Talk. But the original version lives on Classic VH-1 now.  Back in 1984,  MTV – U.S.A featured lead singer, Mark Hollis, in front of a green screen with pictures of animals at the London Zoo snuck in behind his picture. He’s deliberately lip-syncing at the wrong time as a parody of all those other fake bands that can’t sing live. The best version of the video was the U.K. version that feels like lost footage from BBC’s Planet Earth series. Exotic locations, zebras, antelopes, eagles in flight, ostriches running in the wild, elephants, and sting rays are all featured in the video edit.


johnny-hates-jazzPure 80’s pop magic, Johnny Hates Jazz’s “Shattered Dreams” topped the charts in 1988. The silky smooth, sophisticated pop gem was by far the biggest U.S. hit for the British band. Two videos were shot for the song, the original color version featuring a ballerina which was played in the U.K. Then, a year later, when the song made its way to the States, acclaimed music video director, David Fincher created a new black and white version for MTV. David directed clips like Madonna’s Vogue, Aerosmith’s Janie’s Got A Gun, and recently Justin Timberlake’s Suit & Tie. Despite Fincher’s resume, there is something cheeky and cute about the original video.