Ultimate 45: Immigrant Song/Hey Hey, What Can I Do By LED ZEPPELIN

Led Zeppelin Hey Hey What Can I DoCrank out a list of the Top 10 Led Zeppelin songs and it’s hard to deny “Hey Hey, What Can I Do” belongs on the countdown. Even though the song has never been played live by the official lineup it’s become a Classic Rock fan favorite. Everything you love about band is here in a three minute pop single ready-made for radio . Lyrics like “I got a woman stay drunk all the time” and Robert Plant’s holding on notes on lines like “She’s the only one I really looooooovvvveee” perfectly mesh with Page’s folk guitar riffs and Bonham’s drum solos. What makes it even more amazing is the song didn’t even make it onto the album!


Led_Zeppelin_-_Led_Zeppelin_IIIWhile recording Led Zeppelin III, the band went in a new direction and focused less on the Blues and Heavy Metal and dabbled with an acoustic folk sound. Songs like “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, “”Gallows Pole”, and “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp” while popular with the diehard fans weren’t hugely commercial to the masses. Led Zeppelin III never sold as well as II or IV. A song like “Hey Hey, What Can I Do” would have been the perfect addition to lighten up the mood and inject a little fun into the set. The album did have an amazing shining moment with the release of the “Immigrant Song” as the first track on the album and the lead single. The mystical story of Vikings invading England and lines like “the hammer of the gods will drive our ships” weren’t typical for a radio hit but that opening drum solo, that familiar guitar riff, and Plant’s wail is so unforgettable. Together the “Immigrant Song” and the band’s best B-Side, “Hey Hey, What Can I Do” became one of the ultimate 45’s in music history.